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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is considered a “room” when booking my appointment?

The average square footage for what is considered a room can range from 120 to 200 sq ft. Living room & dining room combos are considered 2 rooms due to the average sq ft being 400 sq ft. Non-standard rooms such as bathrooms, kitchen tiles, walk-in closets and etc. are priced separately from the standard room charge and take into consideration the kind of area it is.

2. How long will my service take?

It can vary depending on the amount and kind of services you want to get. For example, 2 rooms and a hallway can take 30 to 45 minutes, but 4 rooms and a finished basement can take 1 ½ to 2 hours. It’s always best to ask our office when booking how long it would take to do your specific service.

3. Can you guarantee the stain will come out?

We cannot guarantee for a stain to come out of a carpet. This can range on many factors depending on the kind of stain, what is the PH level, the aging of the carpet, if chemicals were involved such as bleach, etc. What we can guarantee is that we can give you an accurate estimate about your particular stain and that we have tough all-natural non-toxic enzymes and emulsifiers to get the job done without an toxins or harsh smells.

4. I heard if I clean my carpets, that it’ll soil faster?

This problem usually results from shampoos or soaps used and left behind, regardless if DIY or professional, can cause the residue from day to day interactions with the rug to cause them to bind with the fibers. Our method of all-natural based cleaners and extraction gets all shampoos or cleaners out of the carpet thoroughly without causing.

5. How long will it take for my carpet or rug to dry?

Depending on the kinds of services and specialty removals, on average it takes 4 to 6 hours.

6. Do you move furniture?

Our technicians can gladly move furniture that is under 25 lbs. Anything over we will need prior notice and a $50 fee since it would require extra help to move in order to prevent any broken backs of our staff. Some restrictions may apply, so please consult with our office before booking at 617-314-6658.

7. Where can I find a local center?

You can call our main office at 617-314-6658 to book your appointment. We have local technicians in your area and are able to have appointments from 8am to 8pm Sunday through Friday.

8. What is the difference between your steam cleaning and a Rug Doctor?

A rented steam cleaning machine uses more water than commercial machines which can leave your carpets soaked for 10 hours or more, which can have mold and mildew start to build and create an unpleasant smell. Along with the issue of over watering of the carpets, the machines don’t let the pre-treatments or stain removers do it’s work by settling into the fibers for 10 to 15 minutes to get the best treatment. Many times it will pre-treat and then minutes later be suctioned from the carpet. This combination of short falls can create the rug to be more susceptible to residue and having a splotch like appearance in cleaning.

With our commercial grade equipment and all-natural products, we allow our treatments to do what they are formulated to do and extract the water properly from carpet, rug or upholstery area properly. Leaving the area we service thoroughly cleaned and splotch free, and taking 4 to 6 hours drying time depending on the material and pile of the rug.

If you have a water damage issue and would like to make a no-obligation enquiry, contact us now using the Contact Form or call us on 617-431-4245 and see how we can help you get your domestic or business premises back to being in use as soon as possible.

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